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Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

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The purpose of the TUPE program is to reduce youth tobacco use by helping students make healthful tobacco-related decisions through tobacco-specific educational instruction and activities that build knowledge as well as social skills and youth development assets.

While the primary focus of the program is tobacco prevention, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, our strategies are comprehensive and include information on alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.  Students are also building a wide variety of important and relevant skills including communication, planning, public speaking, and decision-making.

Contra Costa County's TUPE program includes classroom-based substance abuse prevention programs, intervention and cessation services, and youth development activities, such as peer education.

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TUPE Manager

Request for Applications and General Questions

Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Office

Tobacco-Free Certification Questions

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Fiscal Questions - County Technical Assistance (CTA)

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​Fiscal Questions - Tier 2 Cohorts K, L, M

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​Fiscal Questions - Health Disparities and Tier 2 (2020-2023)

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  • California Smokers' HelpLine: Free services for teens and adults, including self-help materials and one-on-one counseling.  Services are available in multiple languages.   Contra Costa County folks can dial 2-1-1 for direct referrals.  
    See 2-1-1 Flyer.
  • English: 1-800-NO BUTTS 
  • Spanish: 1-800-45 NO FUME 
  • Chew Tobacco: 1-800-844-CHEW 

  • Smart Phone Apps: NCI QuitPal, QuitSTART, QuitGuide
  • Smokefree TXT Support for Teens: Text QUIT to iQuit (47848)
November 29th event
November 29th event