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If you have any questions regarding Benefits, please contact:


Zeke Lopez


403b Information

For more information on the process and providers, please visit

Open Enrollment webinar


Questions regarding enrolling/disenrolling or making changing to your benefits, please contact Zeke Lopez (Human Resources Generalist) at

Questions regarding benefits premium deductions from your payroll should be directed to Stefanie Brundy at 

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Benefit Rates 2023

2023 BTA Certificated, Certificated/Classified Management and Confidential/Supervisor Rates

2023 CSEA Classified Rates 

Description of Coverage 2023
Please note that the District is now offering two additional Kaiser Health DHMO Plans for 2023 (see below). 

2023 Health Plan Comparison (All Plans)

2023 Kaiser HMO Plan

2023 Kaiser Deductible ($1500/$3000) DHMO Plan (NEW)

2023 Kaiser Deductible ($4500/$9000) DHMO Plan (NEW)

2023 Sutter Health

2023 United HealthCare Signature Value (HMO 15/0%)

2023 United HealthCare Signature Value (HMO 20/500) 

2023 Waiver of Benefits Form 
(Must be renewed annually during Open Enrollment in order to continue to receive the Cash-in-Lieu monthly stipend)


If you work 20 or more hours per week in a qualifying position, you will be eligible for health benefits through the Byron Union School District (BUSD). 

Dental & Vision

  • Dental & Vision are both required for BUSD employees working 20 or more hours per week. 
  • You have a one-time option to add your spouse or dependents over the age of 5 once you become eligible.  There are no additional fees to add them. 
  • Your dependents under the age of 5 must be added during the open enrollment period prior to their 5th birthday.  No other dependents can be added during open enrollment for dental or vision. 

Delta Dental Resources                                                                         VSP Resources


Delta Dental Plan Information                                                                 VSP Plan Information

DentaQual Flyer                                                                                         Check out Flyer

Grin! e-magazine                                                                                        VSP Premier Program Coupon

Toothpic- Teledentistry App                                                                     Eyeconic Discount Flyer

Delta Dental - Virtual Consult                                                                   VSP Primary Eye Care Plan 

                                          TruHearing - Hearing Aid Program through VSP


Supplemental Insurance Options

Eligible employees are able to enroll in the following supplemental insurance options upon hiring and during Open Enrollment. Please visit the Colonial Benefits Booklet for more information. 

Supplemental Insurance Options:
- Accident
- Cancer
- Critical Illness
- Short-Term Disability
- Hospital Protection
- Life Insurance
- Flexible Spending (FSA)


Making Changes to Benefits

Benefit changes are made only upon hire or during open enrollment, unless you are experiencing a "qualifying event" as outlined below.

"Qualifying Events":

- Death
- Birth/Adoption/Foster Care
- Marriage/Divorce
- Loss/Change of Employment/Insurance Coverage

* Please note that the district requires you to provide proof of your "Qualifying Event" before changes to your benefits coverage can be confirmed.


Cash-in-Lieu Option and Requirements

Employees who waive coverage by the district and who provide proof of other employer, non-individual market
health plan coverage* will receive the current Cash-in-Lieu rate per the Byron Teachers’ Association and CSEA Bargaining Agreements. Cash-in-Lieu payments are processed upon receipt of proof of coverage. 

Employees who waive coverage by the district and who provide proof of having other qualifying (non-individual market health plan) group medical coverage may receive "cash-in-lieu” option instead of enrolling in District provided medical benefits.  Enrollment in "cash-in-lieu" may only happen during initial enrollment or Open Enrollment.  

Participants in the "cash-in-lieu” option receive a monthly amount added to their paycheck.  

To participate in the "cash-in-lieu” option employees must complete a Waiver of Group Medical Coverage form linked on the button below.   If the verification of other group medical coverage is provided on the Waiver of Group Medical Coverage form by the employer or agency through whom medical coverage is provided, no additional information is needed.  If the employer or agency does not complete their portion of the waiver, the employee must provide proof of coverage that includes the group number of the coverage as well as the names of all those covered by the policy and effective date.

Eligibility for the "cash-in-lieu” option is reestablished every year during Open Enrollment.  This includes completing a new Waiver of Group Medical Coverage and providing the relevant proof as needed.

Participants in the "cash-in-lieu” must notify BUSD Human Resources immediately if they have a loss of coverage.  Human Resources will work with the employee to enroll them in a District medical plan.

In order to disenroll in Benefits & receive "cash-in-lieu”, employees must:

  • Waive medical coverage through BenefitBridge during Open Enrollment

  • Submit a completed 2023 Waiver of Benefits Form to the Human Resources Department. 

2023 Waiver of Benefits Form 
(Must be renewed annually during Open Enrollment in order to continue to receive the "Cash-in-Lieu" monthly stipend)



Delta Dental Enrollment Form (PDF)

VSP Vision Enrollment Form (PDF)

Kaiser Enrollment Form (PDF)

Sutter Enrollment Form (PDF)

UHC Enrollment Form (PDF)

Waiver of Benefits Form 2023

Certificated Life Insurance Form - The Standard (PDF)

Classified Life Insurance Form - The Hartford (PDF)